Reachout studio is a perfect place to learn, experiment and develop your creative skills as well as improve confidence, resilience and social interaction. Expressing yourself creatively has been shown to improve a wide range of (lasix 40mg) health issues.

We offer a person centred environment, where all members are encouraged in their journey to realise their own creative potential regardless of previous experience. The types of workshops we offer varies, some purely designed for participants to explore their own creative practice and some giving more guidance into a specific creative process or material. Regardless of the type of workshop, Reachout always hopes to provide an inclusive and nurturing environment for everyone who arrives.

Reachout is an innovative and inclusive award winning charity which has been delivering creative opportunities, education and wellbeing to local communities aged 16 – 80 years experiencing life’s challenges, mental ill health and disability since 1993. Using expressive arts as the vehicle; the service delivery model promotes informed wellbeing choices and mental ( health awareness to maintain wellbeing and prevent relapse.