Resonate Together is a profit-for-good, Community led Social Enterprise. Resonate’s purpose is to enable our citizens to live fulfilling lives using a whole system approach. So whether you wish to discover inner personal qualities, learn a new skill or connect with new people – the environment of kindness and trust that Resonate creates around all activities and interactions means lasix that all people, no matter their age, ability, background, can develop their own journey of personal development in a likeminded community of positivity and support.

So what does Resonate do? While we await our new website which will give details, the short answer to the question is we create and innovate for ‘people and place’ – enabling relationships to develop with oneself, with others and with the natural world around us. From a range of courses for individuals through to groups; from a selection of weekly clubs through to pop-up events and ‘Happenings’… Resonates activities create a strong, diverse and fun loving community!

Whether an individual looking to ‘belong’ and find your inner qualities or a team manager wishing to develop your staff’s sustainable happiness, interconnectedness and productivity – then contact us for further details.