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The Playpen Café CIC is a mobile pop-up play café and family support centre for children aged 0-5 and their parents and carers. Our social aims focus on parental and infant mental health and wellbeing. For children we seek to provide a stimulating, imagination-based play and learning environment that supports their social and cognitive development.

For parents (particularly mothers, who make up 95% of our adult beneficiaries), we aim to provide a sanctuary where they can access both informal peer support and more structured support in the form our of our parental mental health and wellbeing classes ‘The Mothership’. Our play cafes centre around a large playroom and a welcoming parent-friendly café – a modern, welcoming, and quality catering experience, where parents want to spend time and can relax with their children and social group. We have playworkers on site who help engage the children and allow caregivers a break to either simply enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend or take part in one of our classes. This service pops up in community spaces, most often at The Hive Community Centre in Dollar.

Our elderly Lunch Club at Home recipients, already receive a variety of health and social care support packages, but our service addresses a gap and plays a vital role in food security for the most vulnerable in our community. We provide quality home-cooked meals that can be easily reheated with clear instructions and labelling. Additionally, we offer a befriending doorstep service and wellbeing check. Our own weekly Community Connections Newsletter allows members to share stories and memories and is a vital touchstone for the community, helping them to stay connected and feel that they are part of the community they live in. Our service is available across Clackmannanshire. We also regularly run face-to-face sit down lunches for the elderly community in Dollar and surrounding areas.

The Playpen is a mobile enterprise, however many of our activities take place at The Hive, Park Place, Dollar, FK14 7AA

Established in 2018, The Playpen Cafe aims to support the mental health of families and early years children through play, socialisation and parental support classes. In 2020 we established our Lunch Club at Home initiative to support the elderly during the COVID pandemic, providing home-cooked meals and befriending services. This is now a permanent initiative we continue to deliver alongside our family and children support services.

The Playpen Cafe is looking for a permanent home to act as a base for our services in Clackmannanshire. If anyone reviewing our listing knows of a suitable premises with a kitchen and some event space, please get in touch.